EX9520A - RS232 to RS422 / RS485 Converter

EX9520A is an industrial-grade RS232 to RS422 / RS485 converter with an extended temperature range from -25°C to +75°C and isolation of 3000VDC on RS232
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The RS232 to RS422 / RS485 Converter enables you to easily link devices communicating via RS232 with a RS485 network. In a RS485 network you may control up to 256 devices. Furthermore you may use 2 RS232 to RS485 Converters to build a RS232 bridge via RS485 and thereby extend the maximum cable length from a few meters to 1200 m. You may enlarge the range of your RS485 network with a RS485 Repeater.

The RS232 to RS485 Converter is capable of auto flow control and automatic baud rate detection. The Converter supports Full-Duplex RS422 connections. You may instead of the EX9520A get the EX9520A+ which can be powered with 9V - 48VDC instead of 10V - 30VDC. The RS232 to RS485 Converter can be operated in extended temperature range and the RS232 input is isolated.


  • Full-Duplex RS422
  • RS232 isolated
  • automatic recognition of baudrate and direction of flow
  • extended temperature range -25°C bis +75°C
  • range up to 1200m
  • cap-rail and wall mount included in delivery (just give a hint on your order)


Interface 1

Porta 1 · RS232
Velocidade 300 - 115200 bps
Conector DB9 female

Interface 2

Porta 1 · RS422 / RS485
Velocidade 300 - 115200 bps
Conector Terminal block


Protocolos suportados ASCII / Modbus RTU
Tensão da isolação RS232: 3000 V
Cão de guarda do anfitrião Yes
Módulo Watchdog Yes
Extras Auto baud rate switching


Potência máxima. 2.2 W
Entrada de energia 10~30V DC


Continuar Din Rail Mounting
Dimensão 70 x 100 x 20mm
Peso 150g


Temperatura de funcionamento -25~75°C
Temperatura de armazenamento -25~75°C
Certificação CE / FCC / WEEE / RoHS


incluído com a entrega Din Rail Mounting Kit
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