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EX9018 - RS485 8 thermocouple input module, 16 bit

EX9018 Analog In 16 bit I/O for thermocouple. Measures ±500mV to ±2,5V in range ±20mA. Thermocouple sensors J, K, T, E, R, S, B or N. Wide temperature range
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The EX9018 Analog In 16 bit module for thermocouple excels at use for temperature measurement with one of the sensors J, K, T, E, R, S, B or N or may be used to measure analogue voltages in the measuring ranges ±15mV, ±50mV, ±100mV, ±500mV, ±1V and ±2,5V or currents between ±20mA with a sampling rate of 10 Hz. The Analog In RS485 module can be operated in a wide temperature range.


  • measure voltages in measuring ranges from ±15mV to ±2,5V
  • support all popular thermocouple
  • output as RS485 interface
  • In- and Output galvanically isolated
  • manual configuration or with supplied software
  • power supply 10 - 30VDC



Kommunikation RS485
Hastighet 1200 - 115200 bps
Kontakt Terminal Block
Protokollet ASCII


Typ Thermocouple
Kanaler i 8
Isolering Yes


Kanaler 8 differential
Upplösning 16 bit
Total samplings frekvens 15.7 Hz
Spännings område ± 15 mV ± 50 mV ± 100 mV ± 500 mV ± 1 V ± 2.5 V
Spänning impedans 20 Mohm
Aktuellt intervall ± 20 mA
Aktuell impedans 125 Ohm
Precision ± 0.1 %
Nolldrift ± 0.5 µV/°C
Spännvidd drift ± 25 ppm/°C
Typ av sensor J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N


Isolerings spänning 3000 V


Power max. 1 W
Ström ingång 10~30V DC


Fortsätt Din Rail Mounting
Storlek 100 x 70 x 25mm
Vikt 110g


Drifttemperatur -25~75°C
Förvarings temperatur -30~75°C
Certifiering CE / FCC / WEEE / RoHS


ingår i leveransen Din Rail Mounting Kit