EX9051-MTCP - Modbus TCP 12 digital input, 2 digital output, 2 counter

EX9051-MTCP is a Modbus TCP 16 bit, 12 digital input, 2 digital output and 2 counter devices. In with latch, Out with pulse out function. Wide temperature range
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The EX9051-MTCP is a high-density 16 bit I/O module built-in a 10 / 100 based-T interface for seamless Ethernet connectivity. It provides 12 digital input, 2 digital output, and 2 counter (4.5 KHz) channels with 2500Vrms Isolating protection. All of the Digital Input channels support input latch function for important signal handling. Mean while, these DI channels allow to be used as 1 KHz counter. Opposite to the Intel®ligent DI functions, the Digital Output channels also support pulse output function.


  • 12 digital In
  • 4 digital Out
  • 16 bit
  • Protocol over Modbus TCP
  • wide temperature range
  • RTD-In: PT100, PT1000, Balco 500 & Ni
  • Power supply 10-30 VDC



Communication Ethernet
Speed 10 / 100 Mbit
Connector RJ45 + Terminal Block
Protocol Modbus TCP

Input / Output

Type Digital input + counter
Channels input 12
Channels output 4


Channels 12 single ended
Logic 0 Dry contact: close to ground
Logic 1 Dry contact: open
Maximum count 32 bit
Input frequency Max 1KHz


Channels 2 open collector + 2 counter / frequency
Transistor switching NPN
Max load current 500mA
Mode Counter / Frequency
Input frequency 0.3 ~ 4500 Hz
Max load voltage 30V


Isolation voltage 3000 V


Power max. 1.9 W
Power input 10~30V DC


Mounting Din Rail Mounting
Dimension 100 x 70 x 25mm
Weight 135g


Operating temperature -25~75°C
Storage temperature -40~85°C
Certification CE / FCC / WEEE / RoHS


included in delivery Din Rail Mounting Kit
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