EX9212LoRa-E/4G(WAN) - EX9212LoRa-E/4G (WAN) LoRaWAN Server Lite(MQTT) optional

Ethernet 10 /100 M bps (Auto Detecting) Built-in 1.5KV Magnetic Isolation. 4G LTE CAT1 or CAT3
Availability: Usually dispatched within 1 week



  1. •Multi-Channels LoRaWAN gateway
  2. Support LoRaWAN station connection
  3. Open Source OpenWRT system
  4. •Supports Semtech Standard Packet Forwarde
  5. Open Source OpenWRT system
  6. Configuration is easy to set up via web page and utility tool.




Interface 1

Port LoRa-E/4G(WAN)
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