EX9060D - RS485 4 relays (2 form A, 2 form B), 4 di, status LED

EX9060D RS485 relay device with 4 In and 4 Out channels. 2 relays Form A and 2 relays Form B. 4 digital inputs with status LED. Wide temperatut range
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ExpertDAQ Relay module communicate via RS485 and are available with Modbus RTU. Within one RS485-network up to 256 modules may be controlled. Without a RS485 Repeater the maximum cable length is 1200m. The RS485 Relay module are sturdy, power saving and easy to use.

The EX9060D has 2 forma A and 2 forma B relay Output with short switching cycle. The EX9060D has a LED-display for each channel. The RS485 Relay module was developed for use in a wide temperature range and has a long lifetime.


  • 4 relay output (2x form A 2x form B)
  • LED-display for each channel
  • short switching cycle (3ms / 2ms)
  • Digital Level 0: <+1V - Digital Level 1: 4 - 30V
  • lifetime at least 10^5 operating cycles
  • extended temperature range
  • output as RS485-interface
  • manual configuration or with supplied Software
  • power supply 10 - 30VDC
  • Hard- and Software Watchdog



コミュニケーション RS485
速度 1200 - 115200 bps
コネクタ Terminal Block
プロトコル ASCII


タイプ Relay
チャンネル入力 4
チャンネル出力 4


チャンネル 4 single ended
ロジック0 0 to 1 V
ロジック1 4 to 30 V
入力インピーダンス 3000 ohm
現在 common source


チャンネル 4 Relay
リレータイプ Form A, Form B
負荷電力 Form A: RL1, RL2 / Form B: RL3, RL4
サージ強度 500 V
時間を操作して下さい 3 ms
リリース時間 2 ms
暮らしの中にあるものは?ライフ 5*10 hoch 5 ops


絶縁電圧 3750 V


最大出力 1.9 W
電源入力 10~30V DC


マウント Din Rail Mounting
寸法 100 x 70 x 25mm
重量 120g


動作温度 -25~75°C
保存温度 -40~85°C
認証 CE / FCC / WEEE / RoHS


納品に含まれる Din Rail Mounting Kit
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