Touch Panel PC with IP65 industrial touchscreen for continuous 24/7 operation. Available as total IP65, fanless HMI, slim panel PC, or high performance PC

ExpertDAQ industrial PCs are designed for use in logistics, production facilities, building automation, advertising, and many other applications.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) provide efficient user­machine interaction at a low cost.
Typical application areas: HMI, interactive kiosks, process visualization, advertising/digital signage, Point of Sale (POS).

Industry Panel PC are able to deliver outstanding performance while maintaining high flexibility.
Typical application areas: Measurement and control, instrumentation, machine controls, SCADA.

Slim Panel PC are IP65 certified (except for external connectors). They are designed for environments where dust can become a problem.
Typical application areas: Medical, food industry, clean rooms, logistics, agriculture, textile processing.

Total IP65 Panel PCs are all­side protected against pressured running water. They are recommended for especially rough working conditions.
Typical application areas: Chemical, pharma and food industry, agricultural and other outdoor applications, military applications.

We offer a wide assortment of customization possibilities like CF memory cards, hard disks and solid state drives / SSDs. You can choose from the following Operating Systems

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EX91017i - 17" Intel® Core® i3 Fanless HMI

EX91017i Core i3 Low Power Fanless System. 17" resistive LCD Panel (15 to 21" available). Flat Front Panel with IP65. Solid Aluminum Die-casting Chassis.
موك: 10
توفر: Usually dispatched within 1 week

EX91917B - 17" Intel® Celeron™ N2930 Fanless HMI

EX91917B 17" HMI flat IP65 front panel. Intel® Bay Trail N2930 1.83GHz low power fanless system. Solid aluminium die-casting chassis. Resistive touch
موك: 10
توفر: Usually dispatched within 1 week

EX91917V - IP65 / IP66 / IP69K Stainless Steel Panel-PC, 17"

EX91917V 17" Panel-PC. Quad Core Intel® Celeron® N2930 1.83GHz low power fanless. Full IP66/IP69K protection. Solid stainless steel chassis for industrial use
موك: 10
توفر: Usually dispatched within 1 week
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